Total domination of beautiful Jessica includes bear commitments, great reactions, chokes, and wrestling. He doesn't stop letting her go until he sees the appropriate reaction.
Moves: 1 KO with stand bearhug 1 KO of a dragon sleeper 1 KO of sleeperhold 1 KO of a sofa bearhug ending in position with little shaking like doll PS: every KO include slowly eyerolling and faint sound. PPS: every ko include a good feet view As well as many more interesting moves and techniques.
Get the Battle 26:44 minutes at a special price of 1080HD 60FPS video Eng Subt Click “BUY” and select the credit card option to buy for only 26.00 $



I don't know who thought up this video but it is brilliant. Is exactly how I thought of it. Great ragdoll and scene management!


By: Gustavo

Wow. The description looked tempting but the trailer seemed to be lacking. Bought this clip anyways. Incredible. So erotic, and the filler got all the right angles, getting up close to her face and capturing her body. Jessica is beautiful and amazing actress, her gasping, moaning, and fainting was amazing! This is even better than the typical maledom. The limp play, light groping, and knockouts are AWESOME. More clips like this please.


By: Smo

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